Watching someone use as much game knowledge to outplay opponents
without a true offensive power is honestly miraculous.'Fortnite' Servers Going Down For Maintenance

A mysterious countdown which has something to do with the big rocket at Snobby Shores started over the weekend and ends , and some
believe that gamers are going to get the chance to launch the item themselves to fortnite materials rain havoc down on the map. We'll need to wait a
second to find every thing in order, however: developer Epic Games only announced that servers will soon be going down for
maintenance tomorrow, June 19 for articles upgrade v4.4. Downtime will begin at the customary 4:00 a.m. Eastern and continue for
however long it lasts for. This is just a content upgrade, and those don't generally take as long as full upgrades: I would expect
about an hour.

If it comes back, the Rocket is probably to be the biggest addition. The item has been hanging out at a silo/supervillain lair
only east of Snobby Shores since the beginning of Season 4, and people have been looking forward to launch day ever since it
arrived: I think Checkov said something about what happens after you stick a rocket into a supervillain's missile silo in the
first action.

Aside from the rocket business, we are also getting Stink Bombs--damage over time weapons which look like they'll be handy for
rendering an enemy fort abruptly uninhabitable. I'm looking forward to Cheap fortnite items using these, mostly because they don't look as though
they'll take quite as much skill to deploy since recent developments like the Bounce Pad or Shopping Cart.