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level in classic wow classic gold


New member
Its fucking boring after that. And everyone experiences the exact same thing. Are IM SORRY BUT and serious fans. You reading this right now, you are likely to hit maximum level in classic wow classic gold and you are going to switch back to modern WoW Classic. Youll see.

Your Classic WoW Classic guild will be vacant by the time your 4th month subscription that is $15, you pay. CLASSIC WoW Classic IS A GIMMICK meant to get you to sub to modern WoW Classic again (they're the exact same subscription). Thats it.

The number of times this would occur would be small. I've been playing vanilla a fair piece and getting groups together for dungeons and really doing them is tough enough let alone running into a 4 team operating together that's also unethical. I don't think it would be much of a issue.

Adding it could be good. I had my buddies end up with the wow classic gold buy loot I was meant to have instances and roll accident I can recall but not a 4 team rolling through. If the servers are both standalone rather than crossed, you'd remember these people and word spreads quick if it has done a whole lot.

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